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Christmas Jumpers and More.

Every year, around this time, I think how great it would be to knit my own Christmas jumper. Of course, by mid-December it’s far too late! I thought about this a lot tonight. We’ve been to a Christmas party and the dress code suggested Christmas Jumpers. I do own one, but it’s cheaply mass-produced and not great so I decided against wearing it tonight. There were some real crackers though (and I’m not talking about noisy cardboard receptacles for paper hats, bad jokes and plastic toys, though there were some of those too). I decided to photograph some of them to share with you.

Now of course some people don’t really like Christmas, but there are even jumpers suitable for them.

Others enjoy the festivities, the parties, the alcohol…..and the sequins!

This year I’ve noticed quite a few that come with their own lights. The one on the left was so dazzling that you couldn’t make out the picture (a penguin in a Santa suit) – the other just has a single light – Santa’s nose.

Some people opted for other Christmas themed clothing. This is a gents jacket, photo taken from the back (it actually looked ok from the front).

Then there was this Hawaiian -style shirt, printed with surfing Santas. Hilarious.

This is a dress

This was one of the cutest, with all those little penguins.

This is probably my favourite (but then I love that film and all the music)

I don’t think there were any hand knitted jumpers there tonight, but there were some that really made me smile. Maybe I should start knitting one in January before I forget until next December!

Have you ever knitted a Christmas jumper? What was it like?