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10 Observations After 100 Days of Lockdown

  1. I miss hugs. Shortly before lockdown (when things were just starting to get a bit scary) we met up with friends who were staying nearby. As they arrived at the pub we all just sat down (normally it would be hugs all round). It felt weird. It’s hard on huggers!

2. The contents of my handbag have changed. Not that I go out much, but essential items now include mask, disposable gloves and hand sanitiser.

3. I’d have no social life at all if it wasn’t for Zoom. Regular quiz nights, coffee mornings, choir and ukelele sessions and even a hen party have all been made possible thanks to the joys of video conferencing. Can’t get it to work for me to initiate meetings though – annoying!

4. Our language has changed. Words like lockdown, furlough and social distancing are now part of our everyday conversation. We even sign off e-mails differently …..stay safe.

5. I’ve rediscovered baking (like everyone else) – mainly scones and banana loaf. I have had to add baking powder to plain flour as there was no self-raising available, but that works fine.

6. I miss my hairdresser. I have made a messy attempt to trim my fringe as it was annoyingly in my eyes and out of sheer boredom I dyed my hair pink. Daughter said I was having a mid-life crisis. It was only a temporary colour but I thought it would at least cover my grey roots. Alas no! I’m still having to cover them up with a hairband. The pink is washing out now.

7. I’m drinking more (like everyone else). Not excessively, it’s just that if I go out I’m usually driving. Now all the social activities on Zoom are accompanied by a large gin and tonic!

8. I seem to have fallen out with some of my hobbies – I’ve not picked up knitting needles or crochet hook for weeks and am only blogging occasionally. I’ve done some crafty odds and ends, but struggle to settle to anything.

9. The diary is empty. The number of things that have been cancelled is crazy. Our holiday in North West Scotland, various concerts and shows I had tickets for, and a craft course – all off. Holidays and 2 of the gigs are rearranged for next year. It’s a long wait but at least there’s something to look forward to.

10. I’m ok. I’ve had bad days (like everyone else) but that’s fine. They haven’t been very often. I suppose that after a period of readjustment lockdown became a new normal. I’m pretty lucky, with a supportive family, living in a place I love. Coming out of lockdown will be another readjustment that maybe I’m not quite ready for yet.

How has your life changed under lockdown?

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A Posh Picnic

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo recently, but had to post about my lovely evening last night. We were celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary yesterday. In more normal times we would have gone out for a nice meal somewhere, but with all the restaurants still closed we had to be a bit more inventive. Some places are operating a takeaway service so we ordered food from The Potted Lobster in Bamburgh. It’s a lovely place that we’ve visited before, serving delicious food, with an emphasis on fish and shellfish. Their takeaway service is operating at weekends and the menu and ordering details are on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

We packed drinks, glasses and cutlery, picked up our order and drove to a lovely spot overlooking the sea and the Farne Islands to enjoy the view while we ate. You can just make out on the horizon what appeared to be parts of an oil rig or drilling platform being towed by a tug.

There were also stunning views of Bamburgh Castle

We unpacked our posh picnic and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Everyone was well packed in mostly recyclable boxes. We started with chilli squid and spicy pheasant, the moved on to the main course: lobster salad and cod goujons. The portions were generous, so I saved most of my dessert for later. I had passionfruit Eton mess and K had strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake. All very delicious.

We sat and enjoyed the evening sunshine. It was a far cry from the weather earlier in the week. Then the view was obscured by thick coastal fog, which we call sea fret round here.

What a lovely way to celebrate our anniversary.

Have you found alternative ways of celebrating special occasions during lockdown?