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Knit and Natter Friday #5

More lovely baby tops and hats were produced this week by members of the Knit and Natter Group at Alnwick Medical Group

We were given a lovely Christmas treat by Julie, one of the practice nurses who looks after the group. She’d made us this beautiful gingerbread house.

Julie has made 32 of these (she donates them to charities) and says that her kitchen is covered in edible glitter! In the end she had to open it because none of us could bear to break it up – it’s so pretty. She’d even personalised it with K+N for Knit and Natter.

It was absolutely delicious!

The group has now finished for Christmas and reconvenes at 2.30pm on Friday 10th January. I’m going to miss it over the next few weeks.

Have you had any nice surprises this week?