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Silly Games and Festive Tunes

My ukulele

I’ve been playing my ukulele rather than knitting for the last few days. The group I belong to had a couple of performances this weekend so I thought I’d better do some practice.

The first one was last night at the Book Club Christmas Party. We had a bit of an informal recital (most of the ukulele group are in the book club). We have a great (and tried and tested) format for the party which we’ve been doing since we started, some years ago. It’s a good alternative to going out somewhere for an over-priced turkey dinner, and let’s face it, if you have a lot of Christmas parties to go to you can get a bit sick of eating the same thing. We have a really lovely Indian restaurant nearby. so we order a banquet selection to take away and go to the house of one of the club members to eat it. She always has beautiful festive decorations and serves mulled wine and mince pies. We always pay for her meal to thank her for being such a wonderful hostess. It works really well (especially thanks to our lovely hostess). We always have an activity too. In the past there have been murder mystery games (which involved a lot of dressing as the characters.

We had two activities this year. We’d all supplied baby photos and had to guess who they all were. The other game is a bit more complicated. Everyone had to buy the most ugly, tasteless, horrible thing they could find, value under £5, from a charity shop, then gift wrap it and bring it to the party. These were all placed in the middle of the table and we each threw a dice in turn. Anyone throwing a six opens one of the gifts. As the dice continues to be thrown in turn, anyone throwing another six after they already opened a gift must swap with another person’s gift. This continues until all the presents are opened. We then had two more quick fire rounds of the dice, where those throwing odd numbers had to swap. We then vote for the worst gift and a small prize is awarded to the winner. It’s hilarious!

Gig number two this afternoon was entertaining residents at a local care home. It was a great success and they were a very appreciative audience, enthusiastically clapping and singing along. Such a nice thing to be able to do.

Do you go to any unusual Christmas parties? Do tell us about them.