Humpback Throwback

There have been sightings of a humpback whale on the Northumberland Coast recently, which is very exciting. The animal is not too close to the shore and seems to be feeding and behaving normally, which is a good sign that it is not going to beach itself, so fingers crossed that it is ok. The exact location of the sightings is being kept a closely guarded secret by the wildlife groups monitoring the whale, and rightly so. With current lockdown measures here in the UK, only essential journeys are allowed so any visiting would-be whale watchers are being discouraged.

All this brought back memories of a wonderful trip to California some years back. One of the highlights of our trip was a boat trip in Monterey Bay to watch the humpback whales. Today I’ve been looking at the photographs I took at the time.

The first thing you’d see as a whale surfaced would be a puff of white spray from the blowhole

Then a huge dark shape would appear, rolling back under the waves.

Sometimes as the whale dived, its massive tail fluke would become visible

Sometimes we were close enough to hear and smell the whale’s breath and feel the spray.

On a couple of occasions (sadly not caught on camera) a whale completely breached and leapt clear of the water, which was incredibly spectacular. It was such a privilege to see these magnificent creatures at such close quarters – and now one is visiting my part of the world!