Signs of Spring: Awakening Frogs

As the weather has turned milder over the last few days, the first of the frogs has appeared in the garden pond. I could hear this one croaking away in the sunshine. It is always one of the first signs of Spring here when they reappear, having spent the winter hibernating in the mud at the bottom of the pond.

Before long this one will be joined by many more as the males jostle arround the females, clinging on to fertilise her eggs as she lays them. Any day now we’ll be seeing clusters of jelly-like frog spawn floating in the pond. With luck there won’t be any hard frosts to damage it.

I rather like having frogs in the garden (though I got quite a fright when one managed to get in the house and jumped into the kitchen – I wasn’t expecting that). In hot weather they hide away in damp places or return to the pond. When it rains after a dry spell they all come out and the lawn is alive with jumping frogs!

Lets hope more arrive soon and we get lots of spawn and a successful year for our resident frogs!