Sunday Dog Walk: Newton-by-the-Sea

Sunday was a dull, dank sort of a day, but we headed up the coast to Newton-by-the-Sea. Daughter, K and Buddy went along the sand and I took the dune path, which is more scooter friendly.

Behind the dunes are a series of ponds that are a magnet for waterfowl. I could hear a flock of geese fly by. As they came down in an adjacent field another flock flew up. What a din they made!

Further on there are reed beds.

The bird hide that overlooks the main pool is locked up at the moment – (another consequence of the pandemic) .

At the side of the path is this rather interesting seat

Sheltered by a woven willow screen, a simple bench has been decorated with driftwood and bits of discarded fishing gear washed up on the tide.

There was so much moisture in the air that dew was condensing on to plants like this Burnet rose.

The cobwebs looked bejewelled with raindrops.

The only wildflowers I saw were an occasional hogweed flower…..

…and bright yellow gorse.

The gorse, known locally as whin, blooms throughout the year. At the end of November it brings a very welcome splash of colour.