Halloween Happened

It was a strange one this year. There was no Trick or Treat -people were sensibly discouraged from knocking on doors this year. Many of us decorated our houses though. For some reason, K loves doing the Halloween decorations. He adds to them every year and they get more elaborate. He’s less enthusiastic about Christmas.

We put the pumpkins out a week ago and all the rest of the stuff went out yesterday late afternoon to avoid the worst of the rain and gales.

My contribution was the witch figure. She was sat in a deckchair attending a steaming cauldron.

I also painted some cardboard gravestones.

K loves his gadgets and new this year was the projector (this has interchangeable images, including some Christmas ones).

We also have an animatronic raven. This has glowing red eyes and is movement activated so when someone comes to the door it turns its head and squawks. Then there is the remote control tarantula. We make the legs move when the doorbell rings. That makes the trick-or-treaters (and their parents) jump!

There are sound effects too – we have a whole CD full of spooky noise: ghostly wails and moans ,evil laughter, clanking chains, creaking doors, howling wolves….. all played through a speaker in an open window.

I’ve missed the interactive bit this year. In the past I’ve used puppets to answer the door then jumped out in full costume and facepaint.

Hopefully I’ll be back to that next year. As we prepare to go back into lockdown and wonder what Christmas will look like, I’m not sorry that this year is on its way out.

This sums it up really.

On a more positive note, I got to keep all the sweets and didn’t have to give them to the local children!

How was your Halloween?