Going on a Beer Hunt

We’ve missed our monthly trips to Acklington Park Farm since lockdown. That’s where the Brewery Tap for the Rigg and Furrow Brewery is based. The bar pops up every month in part of one of the barns that has been converted for this purpose. In summer the customers spill out onto the grass where there are benches and blankets to sit on and enjoy the sunshine. It’s child friendly and dog friendly and there’s also delicious street food available from visiting caterers. You can read about a previous visit here.

Earlier this week we found out that they were starting a click and collect service. K was delighted – Rigg and Furrow’s Run Hop Run is his favourite beer. So he ordered and paid for a mini-keg and received his instructions for collection. He’s been like a child waiting for Christmas ever since.

Today was collection day – the farm opened its gates for just an hour this morning and with all the anticipation (and the possibility of a trip out and a few minutes freedom) I had to go too. It’s only a few minutes drive away, but it’s a lovely trip through some pretty countryside. It was so nice to have a change of scene for a little while.

Rigg and Furrow had obviously given a lot of thought to their collection process. They operated a one-way system up the farm lane and a queueing system for vehicles, but when we arrived there was only one other car in front – we had been instructed to stay in the car until it was our turn. We then had call our our order number and our beer was brought to a table set up outside the barn- the staff member took a few paces back, then K went to retrieve it – all conducted very safely, contactless and strictly observing social distancing. He stowed the beer in the car and off we went, out the other gate – it was all very well organised.

He’s over the moon with his beer – it’s the little things that make us happy! That should last him a while but as the brewery hope to continue to run this service during the lockdown, so all is well for when he runs out. Well done Rigg and Furrow! It’s goodto be able to support a local business – especially when the beer is this good!

Have any of your favourite local businesses managed to find new ways of working during the Pandemic?


I live in Northumberland, within sight of the sea and spend my time knitting, crocheting, sewing and trying my hand at different crafts. There's usually a story to share about the things I make.

5 thoughts on “Going on a Beer Hunt

  1. It’s surprising how our perspectives have changed. We got take out today from the local taco place. We ordered ahead and they only let one customer in at a time to pick up their order. It tasted so good:)

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    1. I suppose we are more likely to take things for granted until we can’t have them. Then they become so much more precious. Glad you enjoyed your takeout. There’s a fantastic Indian restaurant near us that was doing takeout but has been closed since lockdown. Glad to hear they are reopening a modified takeout service soon, so hoping to try that. Might wait until initial rush dies down though! There’ll be a big demand!

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  2. How lovely to get your favourite beer. I’m pleased to say our local shops have stayed open- the butchers, the greengrocer, the chemist, the newsagent, the post office, the little Co-Op, the garage shop, the hardware shop. They treat us like grown ups and we all keep our 2 metre distance.

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  3. I picked up beer from my favorite place last week and it was definitely a bright spot! You ordered on line and they had your beer waiting on a table when you got there. Definitely an effective system. I’m glad I could support them, I definitely want them to still be around once the worst of this has passed.


    1. I felt exactly the same. It’s great to support a local business and hope to return . Small businesses are more vulnerable in these difficult times but (depending on what they are) can be more flexible and adapt to the situation.

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