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A Quiz for The Queen

Here in the UK we’ve had an extended bank holiday weekend to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. With televised events every day and street parties going on up and down the country, It’s been impossible to miss.

Where I live we’ve been planning our own street party for weeks.

Part of my role was to set a quiz, with questions connected with Her Majesty and the Jubilee. I thought I’d share it with you, so here it is!

1The Queen is our longest serving monarch. Who had the second longest reign?
2What is the chemical symbol for platinum?
3Where was Princess Elizabeth when she learned of her father’s death.
4What was Queen’s biggest-selling UK hit song?
5Who is 5th in line to the Throne after the Queen
6Who was Dookie?
7Who played the lead role in The Queen’s Gambit (award winning Netflix drama series)?
8Where exactly was The Queen born?
9Who had a hit with the song ‘Royals’ in 2013?
10How did The Queen ‘arrive’ at the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, surprising everyone?
11Who was the second actress to play The Queen in TV’s ‘The Crown’?
12If you wear purple with gold braid, red sleeves and a black hat, what is your job?
13What are The Queen’s middle names?
14Who designed Elizabeth’s wedding dress?
15When is the Queen’s actual birthday?
16What or who was ‘Burmese’?
17How many British prime ministers have there been during the Queen’s reign so far?
18What is Cullinan II and what is it part of ?
19The Queen’s coat of arms includes two animals. Which one is on the right of the shield?
20How many grandchildren does the Queen have?

I’ll post the answers later in the week. Enjoy!

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Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Following the success of our socially distant street party to commemorate the anniversary of VE Day, we decided to hold another one for the bank holiday yesterday. This time we had a Mad Hatter theme.

First of all I baked: cheese scones, banana loaf and some jam tarts (like the Queen of Hearts)….I made some cucumber sandwiches too.

Next, I painted some posters of characters from Alice in Wonderland and printed off some giant playing cards (thank you Google Images) to decorate the front of the house.

All served up with Pimms from a teapot and beer! The sun shone and what a lovely afternoon it was!

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Scone of the Week Stays At Home

I’ve mentioned before that my street has been organising various activities to keep people amused during lockdown – we’ve been putting things in our windows and front gardens for people, especially children, to spot during daily exercise. First it was frogs, then scarecrows. Last week we had to put something in our windows from a country we’d visited and add the flag to reveal the identity of the country at the end of the week. This week was all things red, white and blue, for the 75th anniversary of VE Day, culminating with a socially distanced street party today, where we all sat in our front gardens for food, drink and a bit of distant socialising with our neighbours.

Of course you have to have a bit of home baking at a street party so yesterday I made scones (my favourite cheese ones of course) I do like baking, but can’t stand for long periods so I always do the ‘rubbing in” part of making scones or pastry in a food processor to save time. My go to cheese scone recipe is adapted from a Delia Smith one, but I add extra cheese, both to the dough and sprinkled on top of the scones before they go in the oven – I use a mixture of cheddar and parmesan. I was pleased with how they turned out.

I had a couple while they were still warm, with plenty of butter of course and they were lovely – really cheesy with a little bit of a spicy bite (I add English mustard powder and a pinch of cayenne pepper to the dough). Son and I delivered a few to my Mum. We are both missing our regular Scone of the Week jaunts to local cafes so there was no way she was missing out on these!

I also made some bunting to decorate the front of the house – I just made a template and used it to cut triangles from some old t-shirts (I found a red one, a white one and a blue one). T-shirt fabric doesn’t really fray so I didn’t need to hem them and I just machine stitched them to some tape, a couple of inches apart.

Today I thought I’d make some plain scones to go with our street party feast (to serve with butter and strawberry jam). I also made some little cucumber sandwiches (triangles with the crusts cut off of course). K had bought a jar of Shipphams salmon paste as he thought that was suitably retro so I made some sandwiches with that too, and , after I’d buttered the cheese scones too, our feast was assembled

Out came the teapot and cups and saucers, but we mixed a jug of Pimms and put that in the teapot! We had a great afternoon enjoying our food and drink and chatting with the neighbours. After the more sombre remembrance of those who died in the war in observing two minutes silence this morning, it was lovely to remember the celebrations that marked the end of hostilities in Europe, even if it was at a distance.

Have you taken part in any VE Day commemorations?