The Craft Room Gets a Makeover and More Buddy Bedding

I have a ridiculous amount of crafty stuff. There is fabric, a sewing machine and sewing accessories, loads of yarn and fibre, my drum carder and other spinning accessories, art and card-making materials, beads and jewellery making supplies and much more. I came across the acronym SABLE (stash acquired beyond life expectancy) a while ago and it must apply to me.

The candle-making kit, has invaded the garage, also known as K’s man cave (and he want’s it out) but everything else is in the conservatory, which is where I do my crafty activities. It had become a sorry mess. Until recently I shared the space with son’s drum kit, but that’s gone now. Also, I recently got a second hand microwave that I plan to use for dyeing fibre and yarn. I needed to move things around to accommodate that. I bought a load of plastic crates and, with a lot of help from daughter, who has been an absolute star, we’ve sorted the space out. I love it!

The first job I tackled in the newly revamped space were doggy duvet covers! I made some cosy doggy bedding a while ago from an old duvet, but the white cotton covering shows every muddy paw mark. I had a couple of old throws made from a nice soft fleece fabric, which were surplus to requirements so I’ve used these to cover some of the doggy duvets. I just cut them to size, pinned them in place over the duvets and machine stitched all the way round, about 2 cm from the edge and then again as close to the edge as possible.

They look much better than the uncovered ones.

More importantly, Buddy seems to really like them!

What do you make for your pets?


I live in Northumberland, within sight of the sea and spend my time knitting, crocheting, sewing and trying my hand at different crafts. There's usually a story to share about the things I make.

10 thoughts on “The Craft Room Gets a Makeover and More Buddy Bedding

  1. In one of my previous incarnations when the children were young I used to earn pin money – literally – sewing for an older lady who did craft fairs. Her husband started making American patchwork quilts. Luckily they had a large house – I loved visiting as the house smelled of new material and pot pouri and of course there was fabric everywhere in every colour and pattern.

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    1. How lovely! This made me think of the elderly lady who lived next door when I was growing up. She’d been a dressmaker when she was younger and as she knew I liked sewing and crafting she gave me a load of beautiful fabrics and trimmings.


  2. Love your craft room all nicely sorted! I am similar with card making and patchwork and now knitting and crocheting 🧶
    Buddy looks really happy with his new beds! A very handsome boy! I had a black lab called Mandy. Have made Charlie cat a blanket it had 8 appliqué things on it, Charlie has taken them off! So just felt double sided and blanket stitched and plain, he obviously didn’t like the butterflies 🦋 hearts ♥️ cats 🐈 and flowers 🌸
    😂 love Linda xx

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  3. I did a half way resorting and putting away things in my craft room room in Feb, I really need to go in and do a more through job, I’m sure there are things I can pitch that haven’t seen the light of day in years, but I hate it that job lol.

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    1. I did have help (daughter was really into it and worked really hard – a Marie Kondo rival in the making!) I found stuff I’d forgotten I had as well as stuff to get rid of.

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  4. I love the acronym SABLE I think were all a bit guilty of that. I also love the way that you can see things through the crates and the colour of your shelves is very relaxing. I haven’t made any thing for my pets as the only pets we have is stick insects and I haven’t seen any patterns for stick insect cardis…….

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