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A Mystery Object From An Old Friend.

A dear friend and her husband visited today and brought this. Can you guess what it is? I’ll come back to that…….

We’ve been friends since our teens (more years ago than I want to think about) and it’s lovely that we stay in touch, even though we are at different ends of the country. They were travelling to visit their children who are both at university in Edinburgh and called here for socially distanced coffee and cake in the garden. It was so lovely to catch up. I couldn’t believe it was ten years since we last met up.

We talked about our families, including my friend’s mother, a remarkable lady who had been a missionary in her youth, working in remote parts of the world, including the Solomon Islands. Mrs L was still travelling in her sixties, when she visited Egypt, trekking on horseback to visit sites of interest.

My friend was interested to hear about Daughter’s riding as she used to have a horse of her own which even attended their wedding reception and posed for photos.

Solo the horse -wedding guest.

She very kindly brought some horsy items that she no longer has any use for to pass on to Daughter. I was able to give her some of my home-made preserves (I always make far more than I’ll ever use so it’s nice to be able to give the surplus away to friends and family.

All too soon the visit was over and they continued their journey. I hope we’ll see them again soon.

….which bring us back to the mystery object. While souvenir shopping during her Egyptian trek, Mrs L must have been thinking about her daughter’s horse and bought this. It is a horse’s breast collar, a traditional adornment worn tied around the horse’s neck with the tassels hanging down over it’s chest. Whether Daughter will ever use it remains to be seen (Christmas maybe?). It’s a great story though!

Did you guess what it was?