I’m In A Spin (Part 3): A Week’s Worth of Spinning

Since I got my e-spinner – the Electric Eel Wheel Nano, I’ve become somewhat addicted! I managed to complete all this in my first week of spinning. In Part 2 I’d completed my first tiny skein of navy and white striped yarn. Next I decided to concentrate on improving my technique so I spun a couple of reels of the cornflower blue merino and plyed it together.

This is such a rich shade of blue! As you can see from the close up my strand thickness and ply is pretty uneven, but I think it was starting to improve by the time I finished these.

Next I tried colour blending. I’ve watched YouTube tutorials on this but I don’t have a blending mat or a carder so I improvised – I pulled out a long strip each of three colours of fibre (pale blue, deep denim blue and teal) and as I spun, I tried to make sure I was varying the colours I drew out. I also spun a reel of the plain pale blue yarn, then I plyed them together.

I found it quite difficult to keep the multicoloured strand even and vary the colours at the same time. The uneven-ness translated through to the the plying, but I rather like the randomness of it.

Finally I spun a bobbin each of pale blue, cornflower and navy. My strands were starting to get more consistent by now. I put them together in a 3-ply. My improvised Lazy Kate (cardboard box with knitting needles stuck through to hold the spools) needed an extra needle poking through to accommodate the third spool.

I was really pleased with how this turned out because I felt that both the spinning and plying looked more uniform. Result!

I’ve definitely caught the spinning bug. I find it very soothing and have really enjoyed learning the basics. I’ve eased back a bit over the last few days so I don’t totally deplete my fibre supply. I’ll have to buy more far too soon if I don’t spin it out!



I live in Northumberland, within sight of the sea and spend my time knitting, crocheting, sewing and trying my hand at different crafts. There's usually a story to share about the things I make.

9 thoughts on “I’m In A Spin (Part 3): A Week’s Worth of Spinning

    1. Thank you! I totally get that. I thought the blended strand looked awful until It was plyed with a plain strand. The finished yarn was not unlike some commercially produced yarn I saw in a shop the other day.

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  1. That’s amazing…. I really like it. You’ve done so well trying the multi coloured strands. Now you’ve just got to find a nice pattern to knit

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    1. Thanks Vera. The quantities are pretty small so probably limited to a little hat or headband…… or I could spin more until there’s enough for a jumper! Difficult decisions.


  2. Your e-spinner looks fab! Maybe it is something I could consider. Although I love my drop spindles, using them is punishing on the body!

    Anyway, the colours look lovely. What are you going to make with the yarn?


    1. Thank you! I’m still deciding what to make…..maybe a hat. I had planned to incorporate it into a project that uses all my scraps of blue yarn. That’s why I bought shades of blue fibre. Now the yarn is spun I think it’s definitely a stand alone project.


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