10 Observations After 100 Days of Lockdown

  1. I miss hugs. Shortly before lockdown (when things were just starting to get a bit scary) we met up with friends who were staying nearby. As they arrived at the pub we all just sat down (normally it would be hugs all round). It felt weird. It’s hard on huggers!

2. The contents of my handbag have changed. Not that I go out much, but essential items now include mask, disposable gloves and hand sanitiser.

3. I’d have no social life at all if it wasn’t for Zoom. Regular quiz nights, coffee mornings, choir and ukelele sessions and even a hen party have all been made possible thanks to the joys of video conferencing. Can’t get it to work for me to initiate meetings though – annoying!

4. Our language has changed. Words like lockdown, furlough and social distancing are now part of our everyday conversation. We even sign off e-mails differently …..stay safe.

5. I’ve rediscovered baking (like everyone else) – mainly scones and banana loaf. I have had to add baking powder to plain flour as there was no self-raising available, but that works fine.

6. I miss my hairdresser. I have made a messy attempt to trim my fringe as it was annoyingly in my eyes and out of sheer boredom I dyed my hair pink. Daughter said I was having a mid-life crisis. It was only a temporary colour but I thought it would at least cover my grey roots. Alas no! I’m still having to cover them up with a hairband. The pink is washing out now.

7. I’m drinking more (like everyone else). Not excessively, it’s just that if I go out I’m usually driving. Now all the social activities on Zoom are accompanied by a large gin and tonic!

8. I seem to have fallen out with some of my hobbies – I’ve not picked up knitting needles or crochet hook for weeks and am only blogging occasionally. I’ve done some crafty odds and ends, but struggle to settle to anything.

9. The diary is empty. The number of things that have been cancelled is crazy. Our holiday in North West Scotland, various concerts and shows I had tickets for, and a craft course – all off. Holidays and 2 of the gigs are rearranged for next year. It’s a long wait but at least there’s something to look forward to.

10. I’m ok. I’ve had bad days (like everyone else) but that’s fine. They haven’t been very often. I suppose that after a period of readjustment lockdown became a new normal. I’m pretty lucky, with a supportive family, living in a place I love. Coming out of lockdown will be another readjustment that maybe I’m not quite ready for yet.

How has your life changed under lockdown?


I live in Northumberland, within sight of the sea and spend my time knitting, crocheting, sewing and trying my hand at different crafts. There's usually a story to share about the things I make.

10 thoughts on “10 Observations After 100 Days of Lockdown

  1. I even knitted a couple of rainbow bands to keep my hair out of my eyes, they didn’t work!
    when I was a teenager at church youth group, furlough was something missionaries went on when they came home on leave!

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  2. It has been so strange to watch things change. Many of the changes in my life are the same as yours. The hardest here is the lack of consistent reliable information. Everything is spun with a political slant. We have been extra careful going out and able with the way recommendations change. Stay well:)

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    1. Yes, I can’t make head or tail of the rulings – and I was talking to one café owner yesterday who said basically that the rules for them can be interpreted in different ways.

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  3. We moved house as we were caught in Lockdown between exchange and completion. I have spent far too long on the phone listening to musack trying to sort our new life. I miss Good Customer Service the most.

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    1. Nightmare! Moving house is hugely stressful at the best of times. A friend has had her house move delayed but now has a date for her move. Hope you are settling in well (despite the problems) and enjoy your new home.


  4. I reckon you are spot on with a lot here – my handbag also contains the same essentials, life with Zoom has kept me a little sane, social occasions have been missed, I trimmed my hair (not dyed it pink though, luckily could get my usual hair dye but I left it longer between fixes as had no social life to worry about my grey roots coming through!), learnt new words such as ‘furlough’ as well. Unlike you I manically sewed, knitted, crocheted for a few weeks but that has slowed a bit now – I keep saying ‘well I can do that tomorrow’ when it comes to new projects (and housework!). Returning to ‘normal’ will be a challenge, and yes one I am nowhere near thinking it yet. Slowly, slowly, test the waters, stay safe, watch others make mistakes and learn by them perhaps!

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  5. Oh no, you’re missing out on Scotland! Although I must say I’m enjoying the relative peace and quiet with lots of people staying at home and hardly any tourists.
    The main change I’ve noticed is that I’m hardly using my car at all. I filled it up with petrol over a month ago and I only need to put more in now because we went for a long drive last week.
    I’m not ready for lockdown/furlough to finish at all. I love being paid to stay at home with my boyfriend and knit and crochet to my heart’s content. I’ve always had pretty bad anxiety about going to work, but now the thought of going back has it ramped up to maximum. If only we could stay like this forever (without the covid worry, obviously).

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