And Now For Some Good News

When the news is full of doom and gloom we need to share good news and we got some last week. A dear friend’s dad, Ted, is home from hospital having recovered from the coronavirus.

Ted is 87 and has a number of underlying medical conditions. When he developed symptoms of the virus he was taken to hospital and tested positive for COVID-19. His daughter couldn’t go with him or visit him while he was there. She feared they’d not see him again.

As the rest of the family waited for news, they too fell ill. After a few days, when they were starting to recover they got the news that Ted was on the mend too. They were even able to speak to him by phone. He was moved to a COVID recovery ward and last week was well enough to return home. Despite being a high risk patient, Ted had beaten the virus. As you can see from this photo, Teddy the dog is delighted to have him back too and won’t let Ted out of his sight.

As I said, good news is worth sharing: Ted got into the newspapers and even made the local news.

I’m so happy for Ted and his family. It’s a story that’s captured everyone’s hearts and spread a little bit of hope.