Making Rainbows, Singing Songs

In these difficult times, we grasp the little things that make us smile. Children everywhere are painting pictures of rainbows and putting them in a window. It’s become a lovely symbol of hope and positivity.

My cousin, who is a Crochet Queen (we were both taught to crochet by our grandmother), has just returned home to Australia after a trip to New Zealand with her partner. They had stayed longer than originally planned as it became harder to get a flight after travel restrictions to combat the spread on COVID-19 were imposed. Now safely back in Canberra and in self-isolation, she shared a post from the Just Pootling blog with a free pattern to make a crocheted rainbow – we are so glad they are back home.

A while back I saw these packs of cotton yarn in Flying Tiger and thought they’d come in useful for something, though at the time I had no idea what. It turns out that they were just perfect for this little project.

It was easy to do, with concentric circles of the rainbow colours, folded in half. You can get the pattern here, I added a loop I can use to hang it in a front window and hope it makes somebody smile when they walk past.

Earlier this evening, I enjoyed a “Pop and Prosecco” informal singing session online with The Singing Elf – over 20 of us joined the informal session, which started with a warm up and a mashup of Price Tag, Living on a Prayer, Call me Maybe, Firework, Paparazzi, and Someone Like You! We also had a music quiz and ended with a rousing rendition of Earth, Wind and Fire’s September. These are now a regular part of my Friday nights.

How has your routine changed with the lock-down?


I live in Northumberland, within sight of the sea and spend my time knitting, crocheting, sewing and trying my hand at different crafts. There's usually a story to share about the things I make.

8 thoughts on “Making Rainbows, Singing Songs

  1. It sounds like you’ve found fun ways to continue a social life while still being distant:)
    The rainbow is lovely.
    We have been getting out for at least one walk per day. Today we managed two for over 5 miles. My legs are tired:)

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    1. Glad I got it right! I learnt “Richard of York gained Battles in vain” when I was little to remember the colour sequence. Have a go – if you can crochet even a little bit it isn’t too complicated.

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  2. Beautiful 🌈
    As I work in adult social care I am still working. However the guys are really confused as to why all of their usual activities are cancelled and they have to stay in 😢
    Stay safe ❤

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  3. Thanks Jackie, lots of useful info there. I have joined the email list to find out about the singing, and I’d like to use the rainbow pattern on the APC FBk page, as it will go well with our Happy boxes from Sirdar. Hope you’re keeping well and safe. Norma x

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    1. The rainbow 🌈 didn’t take long and is now hanging in the window. Glad you are finding the blog useful. All good here. Hope you are staying safe and well too.


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