Sock Finisher

When I was working on a pair of socks at Knit and Natter Group the other Friday, one of my knitting friends told me about an unfinished project that had been sitting in the cupboard under her stairs for about ten years – a pair of socks for her husband.

I could totally understand her frustration – the socks were being knitted on double pointed needles and I too had unfinished socks for a few years for exactly the same reason. I got over it though – someone introduced me to short circular sock needles and I’ve been using that method ever since (read about it here).

I offered to finish them and she brought what she’d done so far to the group on Friday. As the pattern used 2.5mm needles, the same as the socks I’m working on, I swapped mine on to other needles and was able to get started on finishing hers on the circular needles. One sock was complete and the second one was part way through the leg, so once I’d transferred it on to my needles and put some stitch markers in it was fairly quick going.

The yarn is a self-striping four ply in subtle shades of blue and brown. The stripes knit up beautifully and evenly – I haven’t used a self striping yarn like this before and loved it – you can really see your progress as you get through the stripes and it made it easier to match up the placement of the heel and toe divides – I didn’t need to count rows, just match the stripes.

Of course I had to use the double pointed needles when I was part way through the toe shaping, but I can cope with that: it was only for the last few rows. It hasn’t taken long to do at all and I finished it tonight, including grafting the toe closed using Kitchener Stitch, and darning in the ends.

I hope my friend’s husband like them. He has had a bit of a wait! I don’t know him, but he was the clever chap who made my knitting bowl, so I’m really glad to return a favour.

Have you ever knitted socks for other people? Who?