Stashbusting Blues

As my stash of yarn is getting ridiculous and I need the space, I’ve embarked on a new big project – I do seem to have been knitting a lot of small items like hats, socks and baby clothes recently. That’s the way it goes – at any given time I usually have about three things on the go – a large item, usually for myself to wear; something small, which could be for me or a gift for someone else or for a charity; and something simple that I can do at knitting groups when the other stuff is too complicated for me to knit and natter at the same time!

I have a really useful cape/poncho which I wear loads in the winter if the weather is dry – it’s made of fleece fabric with fake fur trim on the collar and sleeves – not waterproof but lovely and cosy – `I’m going to try a knitted version, so I’ve measured it up and done lots of calculations (my first attempt at designing a pattern really). I originally thought about crocheting it, but I don’t think that will drape as well as a knit, so I’ve acquired extra long 5.5mm circular needles and sorted out a load of oddments of yarn in various shades of blue, grey, cream and white. For the body of the poncho I plan to use several strands at once – 2 of double knitting, more for thinner yarns. and mix the shades up to get a sort of marled, stripy effect.

I’m beginning with the collar, which will be in a single colour – I’m going with a sort of button-up polo neck style, so it can be worn buttons closed right up the neck for added warmth or left with the buttons open. I’m using a deep slaty blue 4ply with a hint of purple that’s left over from a crocheted shawl and 3.25 mm needles. It’s worked in k2p2 rib and incorporates some vertical buttonholes on one edge

Whether it works out or not remains to be seen – watch this space!