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Another Cable Headband

When we were looking at patterns so I could knit a headband for Daughter, she couldn’t quite make her mind up so I (rashly) agreed to make two. After the faux cable one in hansspun alpaca, she decided she needed something with a bit more colour and chose this green from my yarn stash – it’s a 3-ply so I used two strands for this pattern, the Woven Cable Headband by Priscilla Uloho (available as a free download on Ravelry)

It features this lovely woven cable design and a garter stitch edge.

It knitted up quite quickly and Daughter likes this one too. She has no excuse to get cold ears this winter!

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Faux Cable Headband

Having seen the cable bobble hat I made with my handspun alpaca last week, daughter asked if I’d make her a headband – she’d seen some similar to this, so we had a look at some patterns and she picked out a few – this one is the Twisting Taffy headband from Drops Yarn (a huge selection of Drops Patterns are available free on their website). She wanted it in natural white undyed alpaca, so I spun a bit more and got started.

The pattern said to use circular needles back and forth, but that always seems a bit pointless to me so I used straight ones. The pattern is not a true cable, but it was fun to do and the pattern repeat is only 4 rows so you don’t lose your place.

The hardest part was the twist, halfway along the strip. – You put half the stitches on a cable needle, knit the rest in pattern, then knit rest off the cable needle. As there are a lot of stitches this is extremely tight so if took me a few attempts (knitting this part more loosely). Once that’s done you just carry on with the second half of the strip, cast off and sew the two ends together.!

Daughter loves it – she wore it for a walk on a very cold day over the weekend and she says it really keeps her ears warm!