Back to Blogging: Knit and Natter Round Up and a Milestone

I have been on a break from the blog . My last post was on 1st November and for a while I seemed to have nothing much to write about, then it was Christmas and as time went on it simply got harder to return to it. Today I got a notification to say that my blog has had 10,000 views. That seems to be quite a milestone and was just the push I needed, so here comes my first blog post of 2022 – thanks to everyone who’s read my blog, especially those who like, follow and comment – I always love to hear what you have to say.

The online Knit and Natter Group continues to meet every Friday on Zoom. This grew out of a group that used to meet in our local doctors surgery, which began to meet on Zoom during the COVID Pandemic. The organisers have now found a venue for in-person meetings to resume. Fortunately it is on a different day so both groups can continue with the choice to attend either or both.

Our Zoomers have continued to knit and crochet a load of fabulous items. Here are just a few they’ve been working on since the start of 2022.

Even though R has moved to the other end of the country, she is still part of the group: that’s the beauty of meeting online. She recently completed a cosy Christmas blanket made-up of knitted squares in different patterns, using a red/white/green/gold palette.

R’s first new project of 2022 was this purple scarf. One end is sewn down to form a loop – to wear it you simply pass the other end through the loop and adjust the fit. R had trimmed the scarf with some striking square buttons

R is now working on a cardigan for herself using a self-patterning yarn in shades of grey and pale blue.

A has been busy with baby blankets.

She stockpiles these as new baby gifts and recently raided her blanket stash for a mutual friend’s baby girl. A’s latest blanket is a big white one, crocheted in a shell design. I wonder which lucky baby will end us with this one!

L received a blanket kit as a Christmas gift from her daughter in the most beautiful sweet pea colours.

She is about to crochet the edges to complete her “sweet pea” blanket.

Y has been knitting socks!

She made a pair for a work colleague, who kindly modelled them for this screenshot!

Her current project is a pair of gorgeous cabled stockings.

Y’s husband is a proud Scot who wears a kilt on every special occasion. At dinner during a holiday, a fellow guest admired his stockings and Y agreed to knit him a pair. They include a rather challenging purl twisted cable – we put our heads together on that one – I love that we pool our knitting/crochet knowledge to help each other out with our projects.

We also have a new member. C likes knitting socks too.

She’s also been making baby hats for newborns.

I’ve been sock knitting too – just finished the first of a pair made with my handspun yarn , pictured at the top of this post.

It’s good to be writing again and describing our work. There’ll be another knit and natter roundup soon….. and other blogposts too.

August Knit and Natter Roundup

The group have continued to meet online every Friday throughout August. This month we’ve mostly been making blankets.

A crocheted this one.

L completed this one in shades of Lilac and purple.

She’s now moved on to this black and grey one with a touch of sparkle.

R completed her Aztec Blanket. This was knitted to twice the final size, then folded in half and stitched together,. She finished off by adding a fringe. As it is double thickness, this is going to be really warm and cosy.

The rest of us have been working on sweaters. Y has been knitting this raspberry pink cable design – it’s a commission using handspun yarn (not her own). Unusually for Y, this one is knitted in the round – she’s usually a two-needle knitter!.

I finally completed my striped sweater in alpaca yarn from fibre that I prepped, spun and dyed myself…..from the animal’s back to my own! I just need to block it now.

It’s been lovely watching everyone’s projects take shape over the last few weeks.

Knit and Natter Round Up

Our Knit and Natter Group continues to meet online every Friday. Here’s a selection of what group members have been working on.

Several members of the group have been working on blankets. L made this diagonal striped crochet one in shades of purple and lilac.

A has crocheted these baby blankets.

R has been working on this Aztec design knitted blanket. It’s a really eye catching, colourful pattern. She took it with her on a recent trip and joined our Zoom session from the train!

New member F loves making multicoloured scarves

Y has been knitting more projects from her Knit in a Box subscription.


She recently completed this child’s sweater dress with a bobble design, knitted in a gorgeous sunny yellow yarn.


The group were also asked to take part in a yarn bombing project at the Alnwick Garden,

We had a visit to pick a spot and we chose a patch of woodland near the Rose Garden. We’ve been knitting and crocheting an assortment of items to hang on, drape over and wrap around the trees.

I’ll post soon with photos of our yarn bombing adventure.

Knit and Natter 21st May

Here’s what group members have completed recently, starting with A’s stunning mosaic crochet throw pictured above. Mosaic crochet involves working into the front and the back of each stitch, effectively making it double thickness. It’s chunky yarn too so it’s very heavy (must be lovely and warm though).

L finished her tshirt top. I love the boat neckline. She’s not happy about the length though so we discussed possible ways to lengthen it,

Y showed us her adorable baby blanket adorned with cats, hearts and elephants,

R joined us from the train! That’s real dedication to the group! it looked pretty empty so no one could mind her chatting to us.

The yarn has arrived for her Aztec Banket Knit-a-long so she was about to start the first part. Gorgeous colours!

I’ve cast on the jumper I’ve been prepping spinning and dyeing alpaca fibre for. This has been a long time coming!

I’m always amazed at the volume of beautifully made items the group produce, even when there are only a few of us. Go Knit and Natterers!!

Knit and Natter 14th May

More lovely work from our Knit and Natter Group! Here are some screen shots from Friday’s online meeting.

T showed us this gorgeous lacy shawl that she crocheted in white cotton yarn. It raised lots of oohs and ahs from the members!

Y finished the cable cardigan she was working on last week.

She’s now started a blanket, in crochet this time. The spaces in the design form a picture. All will be revealed as the blanket grows.

A has just started crocheting a blanket too , in a shell pattern.

But it’s not all crochet. L is knitting , continuing with her t shirt top. She has reached the armholes.

R is looking for a knitting project to start and is joining a knit-along to make this Aztec design blanket.

Meanwhile, her hexagon quilt continues.

Ive been doing some more spinning (making yarn for a jumper) and have begun to dye some of it, starting with a cornflower blue colour. II’m planning on a striped design so there are several more batches to dye.

We had a good chat and enjoyed seeing what everyone is working on.knitt

Knit and Natter 7th May

Another crop of makes from our Knit and Natterers were on show on Friday,.

T is crocheting colourful wraps (shown above) for the yarn bombing installation we are taking part in this summer. We hope to identify a site within Alnwick Garden that we’ll be able to decorate with our handiwork. One suggestion was the Chatty Bench – a designated place to sit and chat, which would fit in with what our group is all about. We found out that this was right next to the toilets though, which put us off somewhat! We are now looking for somewhere else but wherever we end up it will certainly stand out with Tracey’s crocheting!.

A has crocheted a baby blanket.

She knitted this baby top (which has a matching hat too).

We’ve seen a lot of R’s gorgeous hexagon patchwork as it has grown over recent weeks. She’s not the only quilter in the group though. This week L showed us a quilt she’s been working on. The fabric prints, in lilac shades, have a butterfly theme.

The reverse is deep pink with polka dots.

Y has had a busy week but has not neglected her knitting. She’s been working on this cabled cardigan.

I’m still spinning alpaca and have tried dying some of it.

All in all a busy week for the group.

Knit and Natter 26 February

We had a lively online get together on Friday and as usual there were some beautiful projects in progress and recently completed.

Pictured above are some silk/mohair socks that Y is making as part of her charity challenge for Versus Arthritis – she’s being sponsored for the number of socks she can make in a given time. The socks are promised to the person who supplied the yarn (I think it is handspun – it looks very warm and cosy). She also just completed this children’s cardigan from materials that arrived as part of her Knit In A Box subscription.

R finished her pink cardigan.

Her next project planned is this lovely Fair Isle design cushion.

L has mastered cable as part of her jacket – the cables run up the front edges.

G just cast on with this pretty variegated yarn she bought recently – It’s going to be a baby top.

Last week T acquired a long, narrow hot water bottle – such a practical shape. It’s going to be so much nicer to use now that she’s crocheted a cover for it.

I just started another alpaca hat with a twisted rib edge.

We are a busy lot!

Are you managing to keep in touch with your knitting friends?

Knit and Natter 19th Feb

The group met again on Friday . Here are a couple of screenshots of group members’ recent projects.

The beautiful lacy baby blanket is now finished, Last week we were talking about how the maker was going to do the edge and she’s chosen this pretty scalloped crochet design. It works beautifully.

She’s also about to start a knitting challenge to raise funds for the Versus Arthritis charity – this will involve knitting as many socks as possible within a set time period – she’s planning on using a silk yarn, so they are going to be very luxurious socks. She’s got her teeshirt to wear during the challenge!

With her pink cardigan almost done except for the sewing up, this member has returned to the sparkly ombre scarf – up to the pale stripe now.

I’ve been working on a project in handspun undyed alpaca. Can you guess what it is?

Knit and Natter Round Up

Our online Knit and Natter Group continue to meet every Friday lunchtime. The Social Prescribing Team who run the group have been busy working on COVID vaccination sessions in the area so we’ve arranged for group members to host the meetings if they can’t make it. We were thinking of them on Friday when it was bitterly cold outside – if anyone was in the car park directing patients where to go it can’t have been a pleasant job!

The last time I posted we’d been asked to made some Twiddle Muffs for dementia patients. You can see the post about the ones I knitted here. Here are some of the muffs the group members have been making. As always I can’t include them all – sometimes the screenshots are too blurred to use.

They all look great, with such a variety of colours, textures and embellishment and either knitted or crocheted. Those of us able to get to the Alnwick GP surgery on a day when Jane was working there had been asked to drop off our finished items. We arranged to phone her and meet outside at a safe distance. It was pouring with rain so I hardly recognised Jane – she was all wrapped up with her hood pulled up and we were both wearing masks. Then I remembered that this was the first time we’d actually met face-to-face. Normally I see her in our Zoom meetings like this!

Lots of other knitting and crochet has been going on too. One of our members gets a monthly subscription box of knitting and other treats. She’s made some lovely stuff. including this colourful top…

…and this blanket – it’s a real heirloom piece that would make a beautiful Christening shawl.

Her new knitting box had arrived and she showed us what was in it.

Since then she has made good progress with this – a jumper for her grandson

The rest of the group have been working away on an assortment of projects. I think this is going to be a jacket

This is a waterfall front cardigan that is nearing completion


One of the things I miss about the group meeting face-to-face is being able to feel the texture of the yarn and projects that the group are working with. This scarf is growing rapidly -the yarn looks so soft and luxurious – shades of turquoise with a hint of sparkle

.There were hearts for Valentines weekend too!

This crochet blanket is growing . A young relative of this group member had asked for it in black and grey, but she’s added a touch of pink, which works really well.

Everyone has been keeping very busy!

Knit and Natter 15th January

More lovely projects were on show at Friday’s online Knit and Natter group. I took some screenshots so we could share what we’ve been working on. My fellow spinner from Berwick is knitting this colourful child’s cardigan.

The pattern (with jumper and cardigan options) and yarn were in this month’s subscription knitting box.

Her husband was drum carding some Gotland fleece ready to spin.

Isn’t this yarn gorgeous? I love those aqua colours. A member of the group from Alnwick has just cast on with it.

It’s going to make a very glamorous/scarf/wrap.

The raspberry blanket is getting bigger.

I worked on my socks with the lovely blue Silent Night yarn.

We’ve had a request for twiddle muffs. These are used for dementia patients – something to hold, stroke and twiddle with, which can be immensely calming – those of us with pets know how relaxing it is to stroke your cat or dog. Twiddle muffs are a great way of using up oddments of yarn, especially if it has an interesting texture, and they can be embellished with buttons, bows and beads, inside and out. I’m going to try and make some over the next week or two and see if I can use up some of my ridiculous collection of yarn!