Knitting In Miniature

Sometimes you see someone else’s project and can’t help but be impressed. When a friend of mine posted this photo on social media I was intrigued. She’s a skilled maker and creates the most magnificent quilts (among other things), but these tiny knits are on a different scale entirely.

She knit them on hatpins! She reckons they are the equivalent of old UK size 24 needles, about the same thickness as sewing needles and very bendy. The cream jumper was made with fine crochet cotton (the sort you make lacy doilies with). The striped jacket is from a very fine old mercerised cotton that was given to her by an old lady (my grandmother used to use this to make tatted lace). The pink crochet is single strand embroidery thread.

Impressive work! I remember knitting dolls’ clothes when I was little and they always looked ridiculously chunky for the size of the garments (being made with average sized needs and DK yarn). These would have been perfect.

Have you been inspired or amazed by someone else’s work?

Baby Bolero

I’ve mentioned that I love making baby clothes (they are small and therefore quick to do, and of course very cute). I think this is the first crocheted item I’ve featured on the blog. It’s also my go-to baby girl gift. I think I’ve made it three times now: for my great niece, my friend’s granddaughter and my hairdresser’s little girl.

Having said that, I have run into some problems with it – I think there may be an error in the pattern and the sleeves are on the long side . Happy with the way it turns out though. It’s a discontinued DMC pattern, worked in DMC Natura cotton, so it’s not too heavy for the summer.

It has a really pretty scalloped edge – such a nice finish.

I was really happy with these buttons too. I bought them from Alison at Button Bothy in Poolewe, Wester Ross in North West Scotland. We always call in to her studio when we stay in that area on holiday. She makes button jewellery and stocks a huge range of buttons as well as cards and gifts. i always stock up on buttons when I’m there. Isn’t it satisfying when you find the perfect button for a garment?

Do you have a go-to pattern ? I’d love to hear about it.