Knit and Natter Round Up

Our Knit and Natter Group continues to meet online every Friday. Here’s a selection of what group members have been working on.

Several members of the group have been working on blankets. L made this diagonal striped crochet one in shades of purple and lilac.

A has crocheted these baby blankets.

R has been working on this Aztec design knitted blanket. It’s a really eye catching, colourful pattern. She took it with her on a recent trip and joined our Zoom session from the train!

New member F loves making multicoloured scarves

Y has been knitting more projects from her Knit in a Box subscription.


She recently completed this child’s sweater dress with a bobble design, knitted in a gorgeous sunny yellow yarn.


The group were also asked to take part in a yarn bombing project at the Alnwick Garden,

We had a visit to pick a spot and we chose a patch of woodland near the Rose Garden. We’ve been knitting and crocheting an assortment of items to hang on, drape over and wrap around the trees.

I’ll post soon with photos of our yarn bombing adventure.


I live in Northumberland, within sight of the sea and spend my time knitting, crocheting, sewing and trying my hand at different crafts. There's usually a story to share about the things I make.

8 thoughts on “Knit and Natter Round Up

  1. I love the wonders of on line craft groups – if you can’t meet in actuality then it’s a great substitution for the ‘now’. Lovely projects, esp the yellow bobbly dress.


    1. Meeting up for the yarnbombing project was a joy after so many months online but our regular meetings will stay on Zoom for a while yet. Pre-pandemic we met at local medical centre, COVID precautions remain stringent there and rightly so.

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      1. Same as our craft group – there are a couple of people still vulnerable and not very active so we’ve decided to retain the Zooms for a while yet. Great for me too as I am recuperating from an op right now, can’t drive, can’t sit in one position for too long – it would just be a waste to make the effort to go elsewhere for a short time when I can pop off camera for a while and then come back again. Woohoo for the wonders of technology sometimes!

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      2. Zoom has been a lifeline when we couldn’t meet in person at all and people are returning to face to face groups at different paces for a whole load of reasons. Hope you recover swiftly and are back to full strength soon.


    1. They are a great bunch of talented knitters and crocheters. I’m always excited to see what people are working on and see the larger pieces take shape over the weeks , like R’s gorgeous Aztec blanket.

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