DIY Reed Diffusers

I’m the worst hoarder and can’t bear to throw anything out if I can re-use it, or make it into something else. I love reed diffusers and the shapes of the bottles they come in. Needless to say I have saved quite a few empty ones.

They are perfectly reusable (after a run through the dishwasher to remove as much of the previous contents as possible, though a hint of the old fragrance remains. The reeds however become clogged with the scented oil so need to be discarded.

I ordered some more reeds online along with a bottle of Augeo – this is the solvent that is used in most reed diffusers on the market. Some DIY recipes use vodka or sweet almond oil, but Augeo gives the best scent throw. The only other ingredient is the fragrance: either fragrance oils (as used for scented candles) or essential oils used in aromatherapy. I’ve dabbled in both so still have a selection. Sometimes it pays not to throw anything away!

The other thing I used is a recently acquired set of measuring cups.

These stack together and have a pouring lip. I’ve previously used them for making up dye solutions for colouring my handspun yarn.

Daughter (also a reed diffuser fan) was over here on Sunday and we assembled a few diffusers.

I had previously worked out the capacity of all the decorative bottles by filling each with water and emptying into a measuring cup – I wrote the capacity on the base of each bottle with a Sharpie. This saved a load of time and avoided wasting materials.

We used the following proportions:

For fragrance oils: One part fragrance oil to three parts Augeo (ie 25%)

For essential oils: 30-40 drops for every 100mls Augeo

Tor a 40 ml bottle therefore, you would add 10mls of fragrance oil (or about 12-15 drops essential oil) and add 30mls Augeo or top up to 40mls, then mix thoroughly.

You can then either add the stopper until needed or add 5-8 reeds. These can be inverted after a few hours to boost the scent.

Of the ones I made, which used fragrance oil, I had great results and quite a strong smell with the melon and cucumber fragrance and vanilla and black pepper. Not as strong but still very good was the lime, basil and mandarin fragrance oil. Daughter tried a half and half blend of jasmine and lemongrass essential oils in one of her diffusers but reported that the scent was quite faint. This could be because the essential oils were quite old. It is also possible that the fragrance oils are created as a blend of essential oils and chemicals that enhance the scent throw so will always appear stronger. Different oils has have different densities that will influence how quickly they will diffuse. It is worth keeping notes of what is in each blend and how they perform so successes can be repeated and weaker scents adjusted to a higher concentration.

The diffusers were really quick to do and inexpensive as I already had the fragrances. I’d certainly make them again. The craft room looked more like a chemistry lab but it smelt delicious!


I live in Northumberland, within sight of the sea and spend my time knitting, crocheting, sewing and trying my hand at different crafts. There's usually a story to share about the things I make.

2 thoughts on “DIY Reed Diffusers

  1. What an interesting project. Where do you get your new reeds from? That detail wasn’t in your post. I dabbled with soap making a few years ago and ended up with leftover oils to add to other projects as the years went by. Sadly, they are no more but if they did exist I would potentially give reed infuser making a go – plan Christmas gifts early!

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    1. Thank you! I bought both reeds and Augeo from Amazon. Most of the candle- making supplies companies sell them too but all those I checked out were rather more expensive. It was very easy to do. I’ve used my oils in wax melts too. There’s a post about that a few months back.

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